Ayurvedic Yoga massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

I have been practicing Dru Yoga and Meditation for a number of years and for me it has been a journey that has transformed me in many ways. Therefore I decided I wanted to give something a little more unique to my clients and this desire took me on a road to find Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM). I was immediately drawn towards AYM and once I’d studied the therapy I realised how AYM is simply an extension of Dru Yoga which is my passion.

What is Ayurvedic Massage (AYM)

AYM combines deep tissue oil massage with synchronised breath work and yoga based stretching. This method was developed By Master Kusum Modak in Pune, India in the early 1980’s.

This amazing technique consists of deep tissue massage using natural oil and Calamus powder, which not only warms up the tissues but also helps to increase blood circulation into those areas enabling the release of toxins.  I initially start the massage using my hands then to work on deeper knots and tension in the muscles I may use my forearms, elbow and feet, working closely and mindfully with the client.

The individual treatment of AYM is given on a mattress on the floor to enable me to work on the client freely using complete range of yoga stretches to release knots and tightness in the muscles; dissolve physical tension and stress. Each massage stroke and yoga stretch are synchronised with your, the clients, breath to encourage the stimulation of your parasympathetic nervous system to allow you to relax.

Like Dru Yoga, what is so amazing about AYM is that it works on many levels: physical, pranic (breath), emotional, psychological and energetic; which means each individual will experience the therapy in their own unique way whether it be relaxing, energising, soothing etc…etc…etc…. Consequently, for me, AYM is one of the most beautiful and therapeutic form of massage as it gives each individual the opportunity to simply experience and be in their own stillness.

Benefits at a physical, psychological and energetic level:
  • Harmonises the flow of vital energy (Prana) and includes a deep sense of stillness and opening.
  • Stimulates breathing capacity and promotes the circulation of all the body’s fluids.
  • Releases tension in the muscles and loosens joint stiffness.
  • Stretches fascia and realigns body structure
  • Increases the range of movement and improves correct posture.
  • Enhances muscular co-ordination
  • Promotes circulation of all body fluids
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Realigns anatomical structure
  • Increases energy
Contra-indications to massage:
  • Contagious diseases
  • Skin infection
  • Acute circulatory problems (thrombosis, phlebitis)
  • Bone fractures
  • Early post-surgery stage
  • Open wounds
  • Burns
  • High fever
  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer: consult the client’s doctor to obtain permission before offering massage session