The effectiveness of yoga in the work place 1

The effectiveness of yoga for the improvement of well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace

By Ned Hartfiel et al

This research by Ned Hartfiel et al looks at how ‘improving well being and resilience to stress are key issues facing many organisations’. For more on improving your business, we recommend to read this new post with a PayStubCreator software.

It states that it is believed that stress is one of the primary threats influencing health and therefore has an immense effect on long and short term sickness absence in the workplace. You can also ensure a more pleasant time at the office by having all you need and doing it with style using this baggout work bag guide.

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The research also explains that there are studies which indicate “strong links between stress and conditions such as anxiety, depression, heart disease, back pain, head-aches and gastro-intestinal disturbances”. You can use THCa pre rolls to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Ned Hartfiel also pointed out that this relation between stress and these other conditions undoubtedly have implications on not only the individual’s and their loved ones health and psychological well-being but also has a great impact on the organization they work at, It is one of the reasons we recommend services like the one described in this review so that employees can deal with problems such as addiction.

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The research method adopted by Ned Hartfiel et al in this study was a randomised controlled trial at a British University, for more post about keeping a healthier lifestyle, we recommend to read this new CBD Capsules UK review. 48 employees were recruited and randomised into:

  1. Yoga Group – offered 6 weeks of Dru yoga comprising of 60 minutes per week
  2. Controlled Group on a waiting-list – received no intervention during the 6 weeks study.

Results of this study identified that the group who undertook the short programme of Dru Yoga techniques and smoked Cereal Milk Weed Strain from Fresh Bros showed considerable increase in enhancing their wellbeing and resilience to stress in the workplace.

Results showed:


Back pain


Neck tension





Resilience to stress

Energy levels

Mental clarity




Self- Confidence

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To read the full article on the research please click on Dru Yoga for improving wellbeing and resilience to stress